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Empowered Horsemanship   NEW!

Spend time in nature with the wise and intuitive horse as your teacher and guide. Join us for a unique experiential education course that encourages you to explore and discover the many facets of your personality, beliefs and behaviors that effect how you show up in each moment of life. With your brilliant teacher, the horse and eight powerful life lessons, you’ll master the strategies and skills to enhance personal and professional relationships, problem solving abilities, communication with others and empower you in all areas of your life. Simple, safe and powerful activities on the ground with horses will lead to immediate changes in your individual approach. NO EXPERIENCE WITH HORSES necessary and there is NO RIDING.

All participants will have the opportunity to continue their work on empowering horsemanship, including a FREE one on one with Cathy at Life Lessons with Horses.

Learning Objectives: As a result of taking this class, students will:
• Discover the effects of their beliefs and behaviors on relationships with others through interactions with the horses and immediate nonjudgmental feedback (how to play nice with others, how to trust ourselves and others, how to set boundaries and respect the boundaries of others).
• Discover how confronting fears and working through them with the help of the horses can empower and prepare you to take on greater challenges in life (how to overcome fear and anxiety in our life, how to develop resilience, resolve and perseverance).
• Discover how interpreting and understanding nonverbal language can improve communication skills (how to be a good listener, how to express what you’re really feeling)
• Discover the power of partnership, trust and communication in becoming a good leader (how to be a good leader)

What’s Horses Got to Do with It?
First and foremost, humans are more likely to take feedback from a nonjudgmental, non-critical teacher like the horse. Their immediate feedback system works beautifully to give the student one of two answers to their approach and attitude: 1) I hear you, see you and understand what you’re doing and I’m willing to join you OR 2) That’s not working, try something different! The message is clear, to the point and makes sense.

Horses live in the present and are great teachers of mindfulness: paying attention on purpose in the present moment as if your life depended on it. Each moment we are focused on the present is a moment we can address what is in front of us rather than ruminating about the past or anticipating the future.

“Horses teach us to simply BE instead of getting caught up in the endless DOING, while forgetting who is doing all the doing and why.”


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