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Essential Oil Blends for Winter   NEW!

Essential oil blends are “nature’s nectar” consisting of aromas that range from floral, citrus, woodsy, musk, herbal, spicy and sweet. They are fun and easy to prepare by combining a variety of scents together diluted in a carrier oil. This blend can be used “neat” directly on the skin as a fragrance or used as an ingredient to make other herbal products- sprays, bath oils, balms, additive, insect repellant, etc. Learn the basics on using essential oils and how to blend oils by choosing which ones go well together for desired results especially for winter. Class includes a handout and eBook.

Students will get an understanding of what essential oils are, how they are produced and gain insight on how to safely use them. Seasonal scents will be sampled hands-on so students can create their own blends used for aromatherapy, fragrance or as a room air refresher. Many recipes and ideas for other projects will also be discussed- making sprays, cleaning products, carrier oil blends, plus more!


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