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Building A Bridge To Powerfully Guide Your Teams    NEW!

Create a Remote or Hybrid Workforce Culture Where Effective Communication and Sustainable Relationships Thrive

  • Retain your best employees and top talent -  Create an effective and loyal team, building peace of mind and supporting the operational effectiveness of your organization
  • Effectively manage teams – See and speak to potential. Invitation and evocation
  • Motivate employees – Learn the ingredients of culture building for the millennial generation
  • Meet business objectives – Thriving and grounding in uncertainty, trusting creativity and adaptability

In this conversational style class, participants will engage in learning that includes presentation to learn diverse perspectives, coaching moments to practice new competencies, and facilitated group discussion and exercises that serve to create a safe space where valuable insights will surface and can be placed into practice from inception. The outcome for this course is to equip supervisors and mid-level managers with the tools they need to lead a remote or hybrid workforce that shares in the belief they can effectively adapt during times of uncertainty and keep their operations moving while providing premier service to the customers they serve.

Learning objectives:

Engaging and Inspiring employees through building a culture of trust will lead to resilient and innovative workers

  • Build in ways to regularly connect through team building
  • Offer flexibility in work schedules to honor the balance between family and business needs – understanding each individuals motivations and incentives
  • Hire the right people and make effective onboarding a priority – what is the value system of the culture you are building and are you recruiting people with similar mindset
  • Offer training and professional development opportunities – culture of growth and development
  • Create collaborative spaces to communicate freely, share ideas, and hold brainstorming sessions – building safe space and feedback
  • Track productivity of employees through time stamps, communication threads and project status updates versus number of hours worked by setting clear expectations on roles and responsibilities and communicating feedback on performance
  • Make it safe to have crucial conversations with employees
  • Build a culture that uses challenging energy, holding people to their highest standards, while simultaneously using compassion so employees can bring up concerns and worries and build a culture of feedback
  • Meet business objectives by establishing metrics that identify when customer requirements are and are not being met. Use staffing matrixes and urgent versus important decision-making tools to assign and monitor work for consistent performance and accountability of tasks to completion
  • Understand the enduring nature of our humanity, our built in creativity, flexibility, and adaptability, our unlimited resources that we all have the potential to tap into at any moment to thrive in the most volatile environments

This course is built for learner success! Studies show that impact in learning is increased by 23% when done alongside coaching. For that reason you will be offered *1-hour, one-on-one follow-up coaching session (valued at $200), at no additional cost, alongside the teaching model for up to 30 days so you can have the full experience.

* Participants will have access to schedule their coaching directly with the instructor within the 30 days following course completion.

Intended Audience: Supervisors and mid-level managers


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