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Excel Pivot Tables: 2013/16   

Do you work with Excel documents involving large, cumbersome amounts of data? You can use the Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables feature to quickly extract meaningful, concise information from this data and look at the data in many different ways. Pivot Tables are interactive and dynamic, enabling you to make comparisons and answer specific questions without having to write new formulas, copy and paste cells, or reorganize rows and columns.

The class will also include an overview of creating standard tables and charts from an Excel worksheet; however, participants need to have a good understanding of and experience with Excel prior to this class.

Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Create and customize Pivot Tables
  • Learn to Nest fields
  • Group data
  • Calculate and customize statistics
  • Filtering data
  • Utilize Slicers
  • Create and customize Pivot Charts

Prerequisites: Users with a good understanding of Excel. Familiarity with tables, charts and formulas.


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