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Introduction to Organizing and Editing Your Photos with Adobe Photoshop Elements  

With digital photography no longer being in its infancy, more and more people are finding it an ever increasing problem to find and organize their photo files. Adobe Elements is one of the best programs available at this time to help with all aspects of digital photography. This program is designed as an easy all-in-one digital management and editing solution that is becoming so popular, that a majority of professionals are now using it! This class is designed to help get you up and running in corralling your ever-increasing numbers of digital photos. It will help you understand the importance of and differences between the editing and organizing parts of the programs. Due to the nature of differences in capabilities with using this program, this class will run as a “tell-and-show” style, with handouts for each class on what was discussed. Students are welcome to have their laptop and follow along with the teaching if they choose, but this class is designed for you to recreate on your computer at home what you will be learning in class. Although Elements version 13 will be shown, any of the previous 5 versions will be applicable for the class. Students are encouraged to have a pen and paper (for extra notes) and a craving to get a handle on their digital images!

This class will be online through Zoom. You will receive a Zoom invitation prior to class. You must have Zoom downloaded on your computer and have a web camera, audio (microphone) and internet to take this class.


Introduction to Organizing and Editing Your Photos with Adobe Photoshop Elements
Course ID: CF310 01 Instructor:  David Williams
Dates: 11/24/2020 - 12/8/2020 Fee: $69.00
Times: 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM Location: Online Course
Sessions: 3 Tu , NY
  Students must be 17 years of age or older.  Refunds issued up to 5 business days before any course's starting date or stated registration deadline.