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Fall 2021 Course Catalog > Personal Enrichment

Fall Foliage Photography   

How often have you taken pictures of colorful autumn leaves only to be disappointed with your results? It has happened to all of us. This two-session class shows you how to capture the autumn beauty we all appreciate. In Session 1, photographer JW Johnston shows how filters, camera settings, time of day, quality of light and composition fundamentals help you produce the photographs you envision. In Session 2, you and your fellow photographers get to share your photos and receive supportive feedback. Please note: there are two weeks between class sessions. This gives you plenty of time and flexibility to capture autumn’s beauty just as color is peaking. Here’s your first tip: If you don’t have a polarizing filter for your most often used lens, it’s a good idea to get one. It’s so worth the modest investment. This is open to photographers with dSLRs. Your instructor is JW Johnston. ( and (No class 10/6)


Fall registration will begin on Monday, August 16 at 8:00AM

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