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Homework Club @ Starpoint School  

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Homework Club at Starpoint School is offered as an after-school tutoring support program, and is an option for parents who would like their children to remain beyond regular school hours to receive support from a TCU College of Education students and/or a certified teacher. Homework Club is supervised by Starpoint School teacher Madge Thomas, and runs 3:15-4:30, Mondays through Thursdays, when Starpoint School is in session.  Homework Club is open only to currently enrolled students at Starpoint School, and is not open to students/children enrolled at other schools.


Beginning August 1, 2020, Homework Club is facilitated through TCU’s Extended Education office; parents who wish students to participate must enroll and pay through the TCU EE website.  Parents may pay for the months their children attend.

 Schedule of Registration Costs per student (includes administrative fees)

For the 2020-21 school year:



Fall 2020

August (Section Fall-A)


September (Section Fall-B)


October (Section Fall-C)


November (Section Fall-D)


December (Section Fall-E)




Spring 2021

January (Section Spring-A)


February (Section Spring-B)


March (Section Spring-C)


April (Section Spring-D)


May (Section Spring-E)




·         Only students enrolled at Starpoint School for the 2020-21 year are eligible to participate in Homework Club.

·         Students must be registered no later than 10 days prior to the start of each monthly session.

·         Students may be registered for multiple months (sessions) in advance.

·         Students must be registered for the entire month. No partial registrations are allowed, and there will be no refunds provided if a student’s family chooses not to attend all of the days Homework Club is operational for that month. (For example, if a student registers for September, but does not attend Homework Club on Tuesdays that month, the cost for registration is not reduced—though monthly charges take into effect the number of days HC will be operational in a given month, registration for students to participate in for by month, not by days attended, as we have to be able to predict costs and expenditures on a monthly basis). NOTE: If a student must be absent for four (4) or more consecutive days from Homework Club due to illness (documented by physician’s note), the parent/guardian may request a partial reimbursement for days missed.

·         Enrollments may be cancelled with at least 10 calendar days’ notice; enrollments which are cancelled at least 10 days prior to the start of a month’s session will be issued refunds minus the $10 monthly administrative fee.

·         Pick-up time for Homework Club is 4:30. Students who are picked up 15 minutes or more late three times in a calendar month will not be permitted to register for the following month of Homework Club. If a family has registered a student, and has been more than 15 minutes late three or more times for afternoon pick-up, that student’s registration for the following month will be cancelled (with a refund—minus the $10 administrative fee—if the family has already enrolled and paid).

COVID-19 related information

·         Homework Club will run as long as Starpoint School is operating in an in-person fashion. If Starpoint ends up pivoting to remote learning, parents will be refunded (pro-rated by day) for days/months they paid but were unable to attend due to school closure.  Refunds will NOT be offered if Homework Club is in session, but parents decide for reasons other than school closure that their children will not attend. No refunds will be provided if a parent/guardian cancels a registration after the permitted cancellation date except in the event of a COVID-19 related closure.


·         Though in non-COVID-response times students may switch rooms or have play/snack time in mixed groups during Homework Club, during such time as COVID-19 mitigation efforts are in place, students will remain in their homerooms for Homework Club, and tutors will be assigned only to one room to minimize risk of cross-contamination. Tutors will be screened for COVID-19 related symptoms upon arrival, wear masks and practice hand sanitization at all times, and will abide by mitigation strategies as expected of any laboratory school employee.