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Homework Club @ Starpoint School   

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Homework Club at Starpoint School is offered as an after-school tutoring support program, and is an option for parents who would like their children to remain beyond regular school hours to receive support from a TCU College of Education student and/or a certified teacher. Homework Club is supervised by Starpoint School teacher Madge Thomas, and runs 3:15-4:30, Mondays through Thursdays, when Starpoint School is in session.  Homework Club is open only to currently enrolled students at Starpoint School, and is not open to students/children enrolled at other schools.

Homework Club is facilitated through TCU’s Extended Education office; parents who wish students to participate must enroll and pay through the TCU EE website.  Parents may pay for the months their children attend. Fees are based on a monthly average for the year, $160.00 per month.

Schedule of Registration Costs per student (includes administrative fees)

For the 2022-23 school year:

Fall 2022


August/September (Section Fall-A)


October (Section Fall-B)


November (Section Fall-C)


December (Section Fall-D)


Spring 2023: 


January (Section Spring-A)


February (Section Spring-B)


March (Section Spring-C)


April (Section Spring-D)


May (Section Spring-E)




·        Only students enrolled at Starpoint School for the 2022-23 year are eligible to participate in Homework Club.

·         Students must be registered no later than 10 days prior to the start of each monthly session.

·         Students may be registered for multiple months (sessions) in advance.

·        Students must be registered for the entire month. No partial registrations are allowed, and there will be no refunds provided if a student’s family chooses not to attend all of the days Homework Club is operational for that month. (For example, if a student registers for September, but does not attend Homework Club on Tuesdays that month, the cost for registration is not reduced. NOTE: If a student must be absent for four (4) or more consecutive days from Homework Club due to illness (documented by physician’s note), the parent/guardian may request a partial reimbursement for days missed.

·        Enrollments may be cancelled with at least 10 calendar days’ notice; enrollments which are cancelled at least 10 days prior to the start of a month’s session will be issued refunds minus the $10 monthly administrative fee.

·         Pick-up time for Homework Club is 4:30.

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