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The Institute for Teaching Excellence: Chemistry   

The Institute for Teaching Excellence course in Chemistry is designed to assist new AP and Honors teachers that have less than five years’ experience in building the foundations for success for students continuing their chemical education in AP Chemistry. Topics to be presented include overview of the AP program and the AP chemistry exam, appropriate scope and sequence, differentiation between regulars, honors and AP, recruitment of students into Honors Chemistry, multiple choice strategies, reaction predictions, the nature of the bonds in water, atomic structure, intermolecular forces, and periodicity. Emphasis will be placed on the rigor of the material that students need to be successful on the AP Chemistry exam. If time allows other topics to be presented will be determined by the group. Time will be allowed for best practices and for sharing ideas as a group. Within the limits presented by the workshop, laboratory investigations will be integrated with the discussion of the theory. Laboratory topics include gas laws, generating data for graphical analysis, simple kinetics experiment, different methods for determination of molar masses, atomic structure, mass spectroscopy, etc.

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