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The Institute for Teaching Excellence: Geometry   

Participants will explore the most current perspectives of High School Geometry. Connecting algebraic and geometric thinking, the course will apply material from Algebra I and look to concepts covered in Algebra II and Pre-Calculus through a geometric lens.

Topics will include the following:

  • Rate of change, functions, area under a curve, trigonometry, geometric means, areas of plane figures, areas and volumes of solids, coordinate geometry and transformations
  • Strategies to use throughout the year that allow for students to self-evaluate and work with others
  • Using manipulatives to develop geometric concepts before rigorous application
  •  Implementing methods of discovery throughout the curriculum
  • Developing meaningful student projects throughout a geometry course
  • Assessment in geometry: Connecting geometric proof with justifying your answer and answering the question, “What makes my geometry test delving?” • Implications of the use of technology in geometry
  • Multi-representational approaches to teaching geometry
  • Classical construction problems
  • The unit circle
  • Transformations in geometry that lead to transformations of the graphs of functions
  • Extending geometry textbook problems in order to increase the rigor level for geometry student

What participants should have to take course:

  •  An electronic copy of your favorite lesson to share
  • Graphing calculator or comfort with using software from an electronic device
  • Ruler, compass, protractor, graph paper, paper, and scissors
  • Device to explore desmos and/or geometry applications that can access the web. A computer will allow participants to create the most sophisticated geometric models. This could be the same computer that is being used for the course.

The Institute for Teaching Excellence: Geometry

 Show Description

Section Code: 23MPEITE008A

Dates: 6/26/2023 - 6/29/2023      Times: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Sessions: 4   Days: M Tu W Th

Instructor: Melissa Burkhead

Capacity Remaining: 30

Fee: $600.00