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Color in the Digital Age  

Learn color theory fundamentals as you explore the basics of the psychology of color and best practices in the use color in graphic design.

  • Explain the psychological effects of colors
  • Define color terminology including purity saturation, value, lightness, chromo, intensity, shade and tint
  • Describe color blending methods - subtractive and additive
  • Describe different color modes
  • Describe how color is used effectively in overall compositions or designs, including the relationships between dominance, hierarchy, contrast and color

This course is designed for artists interested in color theory fundamentals and the practical application of color in graphic design. Learn about the color wheel and color harmony as well as the basics of the psychology of color. Understand how color is created and managed using the most common graphic design software applications and devices.

  • Photoshop: Level 1
  • InDesign: Level 1 Illustrator: Level 1


Item: G8344
CEUs:  1.25
Schedule: 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM, 5 Th - 5/6/2021 - 6/3/2021
Required Text: Understanding Color: An Introduction for Designers 4th edition (ISBN 978-0470381359)

Instructor(s):  Iole Alessandrini
Location: ONL   Room:

Online courses require an internet connection and the ability to interact both through audio and video using either a web cam/microphone, speakers/headset using a computer or via a mobile phone connection. Any costs associated with connectivity or equipment are the responsibility of the student.

Total cost: $379.00




If the class you are registering for lists a required textbook, you are responsible for ordering and purchasing it prior to the start of class. Please note that there is no bookstore at North Campus.