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Photoshop CC: Level 1  

Explore Photoshop's array of tools and features for editing digital and scanned photographs. Competencies:
  • Locate and use tools and features in the Photoshop interface including the menu, tools and option bars; panels; document window; guides; rulers; and grids
  • Utilize keyboard shortcuts to access tools and features
  • Perform basic photo corrections in Adobe Camera Raw or Adobe Photoshop, as appropriate, including straightening, cropping, color-correcting, retouching, repairing and sharpening images
  • Use various methods to select and isolate areas of an image, reposition the selection, move and duplicate contents of a selection and deselect
  • Insert, format and position type
  • Create, organize and rearrange artwork and type on layers, and modify layers using blending modes, opacity and layer effects
  • Create and modify a variety of mask types including layer, quick, clipping and channel masks

Photoshop offers an impressive array of tools for editing digital photos, scanned photographs and creating photorealistic images. This is an intensive, hands-on workshop. You will be introduced to Photoshop's powerful capabilities including selection techniques; retouching and restoring images; and using layers and masks to your advantage.

  • Strong working knowledge of computer operating system
  • Ability to create and rename files and folders
  • Ability to navigate through multiple drives and directories


Item: G8335
CEUs:  1.8
Schedule: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM, 6 Tu Th - 5/4/2021 - 5/20/2021

Instructor(s):  Morgan Olson
Location: ONL   Room:

Online courses require an internet connection and the ability to interact both through audio and video using either a web cam/microphone, speakers/headset using a computer or via a mobile phone connection. Any costs associated with connectivity or equipment are the responsibility of the student.

Total cost: $609.00




If the class you are registering for lists a required textbook, you are responsible for ordering and purchasing it prior to the start of class. Please note that there is no bookstore at North Campus.