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Design Principles   

Learn the basics of planning and designing a user-focused website.


  • Establish the purpose and goals of the website
  • Identify the characteristics and needs of the website’s audience
  • Create a site architecture diagram that describes the website’s information flow
  • Develop a navigation plan for the website
  • Write the design specification for the website
  • Determine the publishing environment for the website

Explore the planning and design phase of creating a user-focused site. This course covers the steps to take before you start building, including defining the purpose and audience; outlining the structure and navigation; and designing the look and feel. In this class, you will create a detailed plan for your site.

Bring a USB flash drive (minimum 2 GB) to class.


  • Students should have a basic knowledge of the Web and browsers
  • Participants should be proficient with navigating to folders and files; opening, saving and closing files; and using menus, toolbars and dialog boxes

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