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User Experience Research   

Learn how to optimize user experience research studies.


  • Develop interviews using three different interview techniques: unstructured, semi-structured and field  
  • Develop a participatory design study 
  • Create a market analysis report 
  • Develop a survey study 
  • Create technology concepts (website or app) to meet a user’s needs 
  • Create a user experience research report to describe user needs, design considerations and design concepts based on the research and analysis phase 
  • Create a research plan for a defined user base 

Covering core topics for UX professionals, this project-based, workshop-style course will teach you how to prepare, conduct and analyze user experience research studies that result in an understanding of user needs and design recommendations. Students will employ research methods widely used in the technology industry and learn how to present findings to management and team members. Additional course topics include interviews, field studies, participatory design, market analysis, an introduction to concept sketching and a brief overview of surveys. 


  • User Experience (UX): Design Fundamentals is recommended, but not required 
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