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Programming with Python Stack: Levels 1-3   

Gain a hands-on introduction to how programming with Python works.


Python: Level 1

  • Program using Python
  • Build simple script-based applications
  • Create expressions, variables, and programming constructs
  • Program with collections of data using arrays and looping constructs
  • Create branching logic structures with conditional statements
  • Store data using File I/O

Python: Level 2

  • Use Functions
  • Read and write to files
  • Binary storage
  • Error handling
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Create objects in client code

Python: Level 3

  • Use a relational database to store data
  • Use sockets for network communication and file transfer
  • Create GUI (Windows) applications
  • Parse XML data
  • Incorporate sound, graphics and animation
  • Use Python to interop with C# programs

Three levels of programming with Python are bundled in one course. Python is an open-source, general-purpose programming language with design philosophy that emphasizes code readability. This course has plenty of hands-on examples to illustrate how programming works. Learn types, operators, variables, IF statements, tuples, lists, dictionaries, functions and modules, files and exceptions, software objects and the object- oriented environment, relational database integration, networking and web programming.


  • Basic Programming Essentials or equivalent knowledge  
  • Working knowledge of computers and familiarity with running Microsoft Windows 


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