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Structured Query Language Level 1   


  • Use the WHERE clause in a SELECT statement to retrieve filtered data from a relational database 
  • Apply aggregate, date and string functions to data retrieved from a relational database 
  • Use the ORDER BY, GROUP BY and HAVING clauses to retrieve data from a relational database 
  • Use a self-join operation to retrieve data from a single data source or a variety of operators, or subqueries to retrieve data from multiple data sources 
  • Use the INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and TRUNCATE commands to manipulate data in a table 
  • Revise a relational database by creating, altering and dropping tables and views 

Create queries using a standard structured query language (SQL) that is applicable to almost any relational database. Students will get hands-on practice creating queries to retrieve data in various forms, including filtered, calculated, grouped and aggregated, sorted, and consolidated from multiple data sources. Students will also practice writing queries to manipulate data in a table and create, alter, and drop tables and views.


  • Basic Relational Database Essentials or familiarity with relational database products 

Bring a USB flash drive (minimum 2 GB) to class.

See our detailed course information including course content, learning objectives, and prerequisites.

Students must have a Bellevue College NetID before the first class session. Please click here to create your NetID account.


Item: R14778
CEUs:  2.1
Schedule: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM, 7 Tu Th - 7/12/2022 - 8/2/2022

Instructor(s):  Victor Leal
Location: BVONL   Room: Online

Online courses require an internet connection and the ability to interact both through audio and video using either a web cam/microphone, speakers/headset using a computer or via a mobile phone connection. Any costs associated with connectivity or equipment are the responsibility of the student.

Total cost: $749.00