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HR Systems & Metrics   

Explore the fundamentals of human resource information systems (HRIS) and HR metrics.


  • Describe the management of human resource information systems (HRIS) and how they can streamline transactional human resource (HR) activities so HR professionals can focus on strategic activities
  • Perform basic HR operations on an HRIS program
  • Identify the critical needs and selection strategy to choose the most appropriate HRIS for an organization
  • Identify the criteria and issues involved with implementing an HRIS program
  • Perform measurement strategies that support organizational objectives

This course introduces you to the fundamentals of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and HR metrics. It provides an overview of HRIS and the steps involved in selecting and implementing a system. It also provides strategies to leverage HR metrics and how to calculate them to link HR practices to achieving bottom-line business objectives.


  • Basic computer skills


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