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Web Design Certificate Capstone   

Prepare for your final presentation in the last class of the certificate program. 


  • Produce and present detailed documentation of the information gathered from the client interview and user research 
  • Develop and present the detailed site organization and the design specifications 
  • Document and present the site implementation plan and the usability test 
  • Present the published website 
This last required class in the Web Design Certificate Program helps prepare students for their final presentation. Combine all the elements in your prior classes as you complete your website. Each session has a focus in the development of your site. The final session is your site presentation.

The class assumes that you have selected your client, conducted the client interview and audience analysis, and have begun the design process. You should also have a draft of your documentation for the portions of the project you have worked on prior to the start of the class. Please review the complete course description online to prepare for the first session here.


  • Before enrolling in the Capstone seminar, students need to have completed all required courses for the Web Design Certificate (electives may be taken simultaneously) 
  • The following progress should have been made on the project website: the client chosen, the client interview and audience analysis completed, and the preliminary site design in process 
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