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Marketing Management   

Learn the fundamentals of leading and managing aspects of marketing to improve organizational performance.


  • Explain the functions of modern-day marketing management.
  • Compare and contrast various information tools to drive marketing decisions.
  • Explain product strategy and new product development.
  • Compare and contrast various pricing strategies.
  • Apply strategies to create, capture, or communicate value.

This course prepares leaders and managers to have marketing skills and knowledge to solve customer problems and capture market value. This is an advanced course. You should have already taken a foundational course in marketing or have at least three years of experience in marketing. You will engage a marketing simulation to integrate major marketing management concepts such as marketing planning, marketing research, value offering, and brand building. By the end of the course, you will appreciate the role of marketing management as a core business activity to meet organizational goals.

This course provides access to a digital text with adaptive learning technology and other interactive methods to promote transformative learning. It has required reading, assignments, and discussions to deepen understanding of concepts.

Prerequisites (Recommended):


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