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Learn the fundamentals of typography.  
  • Describe the history and purpose of typography 
  • Describe the anatomy of typeface 
  • Describe typeface terminology and classifications 
  • Explain units of measure associated with type 
  • Describe and demonstrate letter-spacing techniques such as kerning, tracking and leading 
  • Explain and demonstrate methods of handling text such as measure, good leading, smart hanging quotes, even grid alignment, orphans and widows, applying emphasis, and handling rags 
  • Describe the management of hierarchy with text 
  • Describe and demonstrate the use of numerals 
  • Explain theories around typeface selection 
  • Demonstrate the use of Decks, Callouts and Pull Quotes 
  • Demonstrate management of margins and gutters in text-based designs 
This course is designed for anyone interested in learning more about the fundamentals of typography. Students will learn about type weight, scale, style, font, kerning, leading, alignment and more. Class includes lectures, discussions, and group exercises.
Required text: Typography Essentials: 100 Principles for Working with Type (ISBN-13: 978-1592537402)
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