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Principles of Software Testing   

Develop software testing skills in this hands-on lab course.


  • Describe the tester's role in software development, the skills expected of a tester, and areas of specialization within the field
  • Evaluate a subsection of software at the bug or feature level by searching for the most serious or common issues
  • Enumerate common classes of bugs according to why the bugs may be a problem
  • Write an issue report that provides the minimal actionable data necessary to reproduce a bug, prioritizes an issue correctly, and utilizes the terminology and metadata of the project's bug tracking system
  • Perform regression testing to ensure the original issue is fixed and new issues of equal or greater severity have not been introduced into the code

This course introduces you to the field of software testing through discussion of the tester’s role in the product cycle and hands-on labs that give you an opportunity to develop software testing skills. This course covers how testers find and break down software problems, identify bugs, determine types of bugs, report bugs, and perform regression testing. This hands-on class gives you an opportunity to understand and try out a software tester's job.


  • Familiarity with Windows operating system
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