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Nighttime Photography   

Discover and master photography during the night


  • Optimize long exposures using different techniques
  • Set photo-taking rules (500 rule / High ISO rule and more)
  • Create start trails on a single shot and multiple images
  • Capture the starts and the Milky Way
  • Explore use of Photo Pills App to scout locations with photographic intent

Explore the three types of Nighttime Photography:  Urban Night Photography, Night Landscapes, and Deep Sky (Astrophotography). Discover exposure techniques, painting with various types of light, remote releases, and on-and-off camera flash. Learn about individual camera settings to ensure your best possible nighttime photography exposure. Through shooting at various locations (travel locations), you will be able to form your own personal photographic vision as it relates to nighttime photography.

This course is part of the Digital Photography Certificate Program.


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