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Employee Discipline and Terminations in Montana  

This course covers the basics of disciplining employees, including when to discipline, how to discipline, why it is necessary and documenting effectively.

The course will also address how to effectively terminate an employee. There is no At-Will employment in Montana. Thus employers must understand what statutes govern terminations. The course will focus on the requirements of the Montana Wrongful Discharge Act, including explaining when an employee can be legally terminated, the process required by the Statute, and the damages if the employee is not terminated lawfully. The course will provide information useful to ensuring that the termination is done correctly, can be justified, is supportable, and is based on employee performance issues, including how to comply with privacy laws and avoid defamation claims. For public employers, the class will address the requirement that the employee be given just cause related to the termination. This concept is also useful to support termination decisions by private employers and to avoid claims of retaliation.

Additionally, other termination issues will be discussed such as grievance procedures, what needs to be included in the final paycheck, when the final paycheck must be issued under Montana law, and what documents must be kept and for how long.

Course meets in Missoula. Course is non-credit.

Visit the program website for complete information about the course, location, schedule, textbooks or other course materials, campus parking (if applicable), and refunds.

This course is part of the six-course Employment Law Series. A discount applies when registering for all six courses. Refer to the program website above for complete information about registering for the series.

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