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Journeyman-Level Beekeeping   

The Journeyman-Level Beekeeping course is the next step in the Master Beekeeper Certificate Program. This course delves a bit deeper than the Apprentice-Level into the life and ecology of the honey bee. Topics covered include honey bees' interaction and relation to other native pollinators and pesticide uses. The student will be given detailed instruction on honey bees' internal anatomy and structure as well as the uses of their external anatomy. This course will provide students with detailed knowledge of honey bee diseases and diagnoses of diseases and pests. Alternative methods for the treatment of these ailments will also be taught at this level of the curriculum. By the end of the course, students will understand the honey bees' place in the ecosystem and how their unique anatomy contributes to their interactions with the world both inside and outside the hive. Students will also be equipped with the knowledge to both diagnose and treat honey bee ailments and pests.

Course meets fully online. There are no face-to-face components. Course is non-credit. Course is available for 4.5 CEUs.

This course is open to students who have successfully completed the Apprentice-Level Beekeeping course or have passed the Apprentice-Level Test-Out. Students must have the ability to successfully overwinter their colony to illustrate they have put into practice the lessons taught in the Apprentice-Level Beekeeping course. For students who are new beekeepers, we also suggest a minimum one-year break between the Apprentice and Journeyman courses. This break allows students to apply skills learned before progressing to the next level.

Visit the program website for complete information about the course, schedule, textbooks or other course materials, system requirements and refunds.

To register, select the Add to Cart button below and follow the instructions through checkout. Within five business days of the course start date, you will receive the login information. The subject line of the email will be: “University of Montana Online Course Access.” Please note that payment must be received before the login information will be sent to you. If you do not receive this email, be sure to check your spam folder as it may have been delivered there.

Note: If you are a college or university student, you may earn 3 undergraduate credits for this course for an additional fee of $135. Please send an email to nicole.ponce@mso.umt.edu and indicate which college or university you are currently attending and the year you expect to graduate. After you do so, you will be sent a separate link for registration. Do not register by selecting the Add to Cart button below.


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