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EDU 455 Inclusion I: Foundations  

Distance-based course provides accessible, high-quality information, instructions, and application opportunities to existing early childhood professionals surrounding inclusion of young children with disabilities in typical early childhood programs.

Course meets online and face-to-face. Course is available for undergraduate credit only. Credit earned in this course may not be used toward an undergraduate degree at the University of Montana. Course is available for Credit/No Credit grading only.

Registration for this course is required through the course instructor and there is a fee for this course. To register, contact Karen Bailey, kbinclusioni@gmail.com.

After registering and paying for the course, students who wish to earn academic credit from The University of Montana must pay an additional $155 credit recording fee. This is a flat fee and not a per credit fee. To register for academic credit, select the Add to Cart button below and follow the instructions provided.


Course Title: EDU 455 Inclusion I: Foundations
UM Academic Credits: 1.00
Course Dates: 9/2/2019 - 12/6/2019
Instructor: Karen Bailey
Course Fee: $155.00

Be sure you have registered and paid for this course through the course instructor before registering for academic credit. The registration deadline is September 30.