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Natural Beekeeping - Integrating Honey Bee Ecology into Modern Beekeeping   

Introducing a new course on Natural Beekeeping – Integrating Honey Bee Ecology into Modern Beekeeping. This short course teaches a method of beekeeping that is simply for the sake of having honey bees – not keeping them for their products.

Natural Beekeeping demonstrates a beekeeping method that, as best we can, emulates how honey bees live in nature and yet still promotes the practices of trained beekeepers. Keeping honey bees to watch them, enjoying the sounds colonies make, or promoting pollinator presence in your garden are all wonderful reasons to keep bees. Course topics include the natural nest, Langstroth hive modifications, modified colony management techniques, developing resistance to diseases and pests, and management of reproduction.

The course is structured with weekly topics, discussion forums, assignments, and quizzes. However, there are no scheduled class meeting times when all students need to be logged in and “attending” the course at the same time. Instead, students work on the course at whatever times best fit their schedule. Participants must have access to an internet-connected computer and should allow for 3-4 hours per week of study time. The course is taught online through Moodle, the University of Montana’s online learning system.

Upon successful completion of the course, 2.0 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) will be awarded and a certificate issued.

Registration for the Natural Beekeeping course is open to those who successfully completed UM's Apprentice Level Beekeeping Course or to experienced beekeepers who have tested out of our Apprentice course. This course is not required for the Master Beekeeping Certificate Program, nor can it be used toward the requirements for the Certificate completion.

Visit the program website for complete information about the course, schedule, textbooks or other course materials, system requirements and refunds.

To register, select the Add to Cart button below and follow the instructions through checkout. Within five business days of the course start date, you will receive course login information by email. The subject line of the email will be: “University of Montana online course access.” Please note that payment for this course must be received before course login information will be sent to you.

Note: If you are a college or university student, you may earn 1 undergraduate credit for this course for an additional fee of $135. Please send an email to coco.ponce@mso.umt.edu and indicate which college or university you are currently attending and the year you expect to graduate. After you do so, you will be sent a separate link for registration. Do not register by selecting the Add to Cart button below.


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