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MIS 263 Property and Casualty Insurance  

Course covers the individual commercial property and commercial casualty policies, as well as the personal policies which usually combine property and casualty coverage.

Course is offered online. Course is available for undergraduate credit only.

Registration for this course is required through the sponsoring agency indicated below. The sponsoring agency charges a course registration fee.

Students wanting to earn academic credit from The University of Montana must pay an additional $155 credit recording fee. This is a flat fee and not a per credit fee. Information about registering for academic credit will be provided by the sponsoring agency.

To register, contact: America's Professor, (800) 870-3130 or www.americasprofessor.com.


This course is in session.
Title: MIS 263 Property and Casualty Insurance
Credits: 3.00
Dates: 1/1/2021 - 5/15/2021
Instructor: Jack Morton

Course meets online.