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Introduction to Culinary Medicine (Certificate & ACF)   

Eggs. Avocado. Shrimp. Pasta. Butter. What do they all have in common? At one time in the recent past - or present - they have been labeled as unhealthy by leading dietary groups, councils, national recommendations and guidelines. But what does the evidence really suggest regarding the consequences of our food choices, and how and why we make them? Join cardiologist and professional chef, Dr. Michael Fenster, MD for an evidence-based look into these and other health and food related questions. Introduction to Culinary Medicine is an online course available to interested parties in the general public that covers the same material offered in the graduate level, 3-credit university course. It will provide an overview of the many facets and intriguing insights of this newly evolving discipline.

This is the certificate program that includes 30 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) awarded by the American Culinary Federation. Course meets online and is available for noncredit only. Course is available for a microcredential.

Please visit the program website for complete information about this course.

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