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ENST 291 Environmental Service Learning: Wildlife Ecology (Yellowstone)   

Participants enrolled in these courses will learn about ecology and the environment through service learning. It will include: 1) field investigations focusing on bison, ungulates, and amphibians; 2) development of an ecological research project; 3) a focus on resource and wildlife management, environmental sustainability/tourism and 4) hands-on participation in an important ongoing conservation service project. 

Course meets in Yellowstone National Park. Course is available for undergraduate credit only. Course is available for Traditional letter grading only. It is the student’s responsibility to verify the transferability of courses to their degree-granting institution and intended major.

Registration and payment for this course is required through Ecology Project International.


After registering and paying for the course, students wanting to earn academic credit from the University of Montana must pay an additional $155 credit recording fee. This is a flat fee and not a per credit fee. To register for academic credit, select the Add to Cart button below and follow the instructions through checkout. 

Title: ENST 291 Environmental Service Learning: Wildlife Ecology (Yellowstone)
Credits: 3.00
Dates: 9/1/2023 - 10/15/2023
Instructor: Alexei Desmarais
Fee: $155.00

This is the Fall Semester section of the course. Course meets in Yellowstone. 

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