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Dynamic Dashboards with Tableau   

We live and work in a data-rich world, but that data isn’t always user friendly. Most people will get lost and overwhelmed trying to make sense of endless spreadsheets with thousands of data points. That’s why Tableau has become an essential tool for visualizing and communicating data analysis to customers, executives, and other end users. Data dashboards are valuable tools to continually track an organization’s position in its environment.

This course leverages Tableau to help attendees create functional, attractive, and relevant dashboards as tools to communicate important data to internal and external stakeholders. Prior use of Tableau is not required for this course.

Topics Include:

  • An introduction to Tableau and basics of good dashboard design
  • How to import, clean, and assess data for visualization
  • Major Tableau tools and options for visualizing data
  • Skills for assessing the quality and effectiveness of your dashboards

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