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Industrial Maintenance   

Learners in our Industrial Maintenance Technician training focus on the concepts, tools and materials involved with advanced manufacturing procedures. This course covers seven areas of expertise to introduce knowledge of the drills, taps, dies, countersinks and cutting tools used in the manufacturing process.

After an introduction to the main tenets of modern manufacturing, this course introduces the learner to techniques used to drill and cut manufacturing materials, the tools and machines needed to carry out those procedures and the lubricants used in manufacturing. The learner will gain knowledge on the specific tools appropriate for different manufacturing techniques. 

  • Industrial Maintenance Technician
  • Format: Online
    Course Hours: 20
    Fee: $200.00

    Skills Covered:

    • Introduction to advanced manufacturing
    • Drill bits, guides, and stops
    • Countersinking tools
    • Threads, taps, and dies
    • Lubricants and cutting fluids
    • Cutting tools for machining 

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