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Intro to Manufacturing Careers   

The courses below allow learners to explore a wide range of possible careers in the manufacturing sector.

In Level 1, learners begin with an examination of the world of manufacturing as a closed system, interconnected through its component parts. They then go on to review sample careers within the field.

Level 2 explores further careers in manufacturing involving sophisticated tools and technologies. Learners focus on specific fields within manufacturing and the key principles and tools that drive those careers.

  • Introduction to Manufacturing Careers (Level 1)
  • Format: Online
    Course Hours: 19
    Fee: $150.00

    Learners will familiarize themselves with career options in automation, robotics, machining, welding, electricity and electronics, logistics, aviation, food safety, workplace safety and quality control.

    Among the objectives for this course, learners will be able to:

    • understand the various roles involved in supporting the manufacturing sector
    • describe workforce needs in manufacturing
    • identify the main types of logistics
    • list employee and employer rights under OSHA
    • define Total Quality Management (TQM)

  • Introduction to Manufacturing Careers (Level 2)
  • Format: Online
    Course Hours: 17
    Fee: $130.00

    Learners study pneumatics, hydraulics, welding, cutting and working with metals and composites, logistics technology, aircraft principles and assembly, precision instruments and electronic control systems. 

    Among the objectives for this course, learners will be able to:

    • define pneumatics and hydraulics
    • define metals, nonmetals and metalloids
    • identify the primary assemblies of an airplane
    • identify the basic components of a measurement
    • understand the role and importance of programmable controllers in automated processes

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