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Special Member Events  


A Social History of Montana's Hot Springs

Instructor:  Jeff Birkby                                      

Schedule: Tuesday, 8/11/2020 , 3:00 PM 

Location: Online, Zoom

Jeff Birkby will discuss the social history of Montana's hot springs from early use of pools by Montana's Tribal people to the grandiose elegance of the Broadwater near Helena. The author of A Consumer's Guide to Geothermal Energy in Montana, Montana's Hotsprings, and other books on western hot springs, Jeff will discuss the development and social history of Montana's hot springs, showing the role that these geothermal features have played in Montana's history. His presentation will include stories from the past and present, using archival photos, historical and on-the-ground research, and personal interviews.


Figures of Thinking: How to Understand Contemporary Art

Instructor:  Vicky Clark                                      

Schedule: Tuesday, 7/21/2020 , 1:00 PM 

Location: Online, Zoom

Figures of Thinking, in our context, refers to works of art that have multiple meanings, with associations that lead to other ideas in an ever-expanding field. Artists today want to change the way we see art and the world with challenging and fun work that demands a reaction. Join me for a romp through a few favorite works and artists that obsess me in a PowerPoint presentation and discussion.