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MOLLI Catalog Winter Enrollment Begins Monday, December 7 MOLLI Program Information **Special Event** The Nine Lives of Benjamin Franklin Presented by: Richard Bell Click on Special Events to learn more. >

Special Member Events

Special Member Events



The Nine Lives of Benjamin Franklin - R

Presenter:  Richard Bell                                      

Schedule: Tuesday, 12/1/2020 , 1:00 PM 

Location: Online, Zoom

Benjamin Franklin’s genius is a puzzle. Born to a humble family of candlemakers, he rose to the front ranks of American history – a life that was as unexpected as it was meteoric. Historian Richard Bell examines Franklin’s ascent and his considerable efforts to build a better world. Many of his ideas encompassed not only natural science and engineering, but also public works, music, civic improvements, political trailblazing, and commerce.


Predicting and Understanding Pandemics

Presenter:  Marshall Bloom                                      

Schedule: Friday, 1/22/2021 , 3:00 PM 

Location: Online, Zoom

Dr. Bloom will provide an overview of Rocky Mountain Lab’s history and its critical role in infectious disease outbreaks, including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme disease, ebola virus and the current coronavirus pandemic.


The Fire of Frederick Douglass

Presenter:  Richard Bell                                      

Schedule: Monday, 2/1/2021 , 1:00 PM 

Location: Online, Zoom

Frederick Douglass was a visionary—a prophet who could see a better future that lay just beyond reach. His talents were nothing short of extraordinary, and he put his exceptional gifts to use in the service of freedom, driving American slavery into the grave. After the carnage of the Civil War, he played a central role in the re-founding of the American Republic as well, and spent decades afterwards defending and perfecting it.

Douglass, though, is so much more than another great man on a pedestal. In this talk, we will explore this many-sided man’s life, family, and career, and consider his impact upon our modern struggle to advance the cause of black freedom in the United States.


Contemporary Native Art at MAM

Presenter:  Brandon Reintjes                                      

Schedule: Wednesday, 2/10/2021 , 1:00 PM 

Location: Online, Zoom

This MOLLI special member event is an exploration of current art, artists, critics, and theories that are relevant in contemporary Native art using the collection of the Missoula Art Museum (MAM) as a resource. The presentation will be a conduit for Native voices, using artist statements and commentary to illustrate concepts. Examples from MAM’s year-long exhibition “Love Letters to the Collection” will be featured. Not intended to be a historic overview, the focus of the presentation will be on contemporary practice, putting attendees directly in touch with the art of our time to experience some of the great Native artists who are making work today.


Mining Columbia Gardens: Butte, MT 1884-1973

Presenter:  Gwendolyn Lockman                                      

Schedule: Tuesday, 2/23/2021 , 3:00 PM 

Location: Online, Zoom

Learn about Butte’s lost gem, the Columbia Gardens. Gwen’s research includes Butte’s recreational, entertainment, economic, and political history. Gwen uses archival materials from the Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives, University of Montana Maureen and Mike Mansfield Archives, and more to recount the history of the Columbia Gardens from the 1890s to the 1970s. Come ready to share your memories, too!


History of Games

Presenter:  Ashley Rezvani                                      

Schedule: Friday, 3/5/2021 , 1:00 PM 

Location: Online, Zoom

Games are an essential part of culture, and they have been around longer than the written word! Humans love to play, and we will discuss how and why. Games have been used to resolve epic conflicts between rival kingdoms, delineate between social classes, pass on lessons to future generations. They have even caused moral panics. We will discuss the evolution of games from pre-history to ancient Greece, India, China, and Rome, onto the creation of the 52 card deck and modern chess. Finally, we will use that knowledge to understand and contextualize the flourishing video game industry that we have today, shedding light on humanity’s long obsession with play.