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10 Skills for Agile Leadership - Intro Module   

Want to "try before you buy" with our 7-module online course? This offering is for you. You'll be enrolled in just the first module, and if you decide in that first week to go further, you can register for the remaining six modules. The first module dives into some key concepts of agile leadership: what kinds of problems call for agile leadership? What's happened in our world (and our organizations or communities)  that's made leadership for the 21st century so different from what past generations required? What does "collaboration" really mean? At the end of the first module, you'll be prepared to head into the 10 skills that comprise agile leadership.


Like the other modules in the course, this one includes videos, a short quiz to check understanding, an assignment from our agile leadership workbook, a question to discuss with other learners, and an invitation to participate in a "watering hole" - an open discussion with the instructor(s) to address questions and explore how the content applies in your context. Except for the watering hole, the module is “asynchronous” – that is, you can complete the assignments when it fits into your schedule. To continue on to the rest of the course, you'll need to register for the additional modules by Sunday, January 24 (we'll send you the link during that first week). 

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