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Planning and Delivering a Strategic Doing Workshop   

This course is a companion to "10 Skills for Agile Leadership" for those seeking to build on their agile leadership skills in a team context.  


This online course will give you the skills to run a Strategic Doing workshop with a team - to guide them in using the Strategic Doing process to tackle a challenge. Over the course of four 2-hour live sessions, you'll:

  • learn how the "10 Skills" can be combined into a process for a team to tackle a complex challenge in a workshop
  • participate in a simulation of that workshop
  • learn what to do after the workshop
  • begin making plans for using your new skills with your own team

As part of this course, you'll also receive lifetime access to the online Practitioners' Resource Library. You'll also get a "digital credential" that you can use in a resume, on social media, etc. that describes the training you've completed.

You must attend all four sessions to become a Strategic Doing practitioner, get resource library access and the digital credential. The sessions will be held: March 2, 4, 9, 11 from 1 - 3 pm Eastern. You'll be able to log in for the session from within the course platform, Canvas.

Note: to take this course, you must have successfully completed the online course, 10 Skills for Agile Leadership, or be a current Strategic Doing practitioner seeking to "brush up" on your skills. Taking both parts is equivalent to taking Strategic Doing: Leading Complex Collaborations. At the conclusion of this course, you will be a Strategic Doing practitioner, will have access to the practitioners' resource library, and will be eligible to pursue certification as a Strategic Doing workshop leader. 

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