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Ten Skills for Agile Leadership - January 2022   

Develop the skills you need to translate ideas into action quickly, the core of agile leadership.  Conversations and collaborations can drive agility in any organization. Agile leaders can manage their conversations with ten skills. The authors of Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership will show you how anyone - at any level of an organization - can make their work relationships and meetings more productive. Based on over two decades of experience with leaders tackling complex projects, these skills are now available to anyone willing to learn and practice them.  In this convenient, self-managed course the authors introduce you to the essentials of each skill. Throughout the course, you will understand, practice, and grow your capabilities as an agile leader. Interactive discussion boards will sharpen your understanding. Completing this course puts you on the leading edge of management theory and practice. The course includes videos, discussion forums, short quizzes, and assignments.

  • Format: online, asynchronous (learn on your own schedule) with 3 optional discussions via Zoom
  • Prerequisite: none
  • Course length: 7 weeks
  • Time required: ~2-3 hours/week for all activities
  • Credential: certificate documenting 2.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs); participants completing all assignments with 80% or higher grade are awarded an electronic credential or “badge” in Agile Leadership, for use on LinkedIn or other social media
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