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SHRM Meeting - August 2022   

Most business professionals don't realize their job is 80-90% mental. Throw KSAs out the door because your mentality is more important than your degrees and certifications. Neglecting the mental side of your performance is a mistake. Come to the August meeting if you want to be an elite HR Athlete.

After attending the session, attendees will be able to:
- Describe "The Zone" and its importance to HR Performance
- Apply the M.V.P process to your HR performance. Mindfulness. Visualization. Positive Self Talk
- State the benefits of The Neutral Zone to manage your stress

Speaker: Roger Kitchen Jr.
Founder and Mental Skills Coach
Power Mental Performance

Roger Kitchen Jr. is an Associate Director for Learning and Development at Guidehouse Inc, one of the world’s largest consulting firms. He has been training up-and-coming leaders and teams with the Army and at NASA for more than 13 years.
Also, he is the Founder and Mental Skills Coach for Power Mental Performance.

He works with college and high school coaches, teams and athletes to:
- Increase Self Confidence
- Improve Focus
- Achieve Goals
- Perform Under Pressure
- Create a Positive Team Culture

“I want all my clients to be mentally and emotionally well so they can achieve their optimal performance goals,” says Roger. He has coached scholarship athletes, all-state, all-city, and all-conference selections, plus worked with state contending teams in almost all sports; from Division 1 Hockey, to Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cross Country, Track and Field, and Swimming and Diving. “All athletes want the same thing, regardless of their sport; to achieve their athletic goals and perform under pressure,” he adds.

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