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Strategic Doing Practitioner Training (Online) - September 2023   

Develop your collaboration and teamwork expertise through learning agile leadership skills. This course helps you with new ways to think, behave, and do that gain better results. Hosted by the Agile Strategy Lab, the premier provider of Strategic Doing Practitioner Training, the course is formatted to work with anyone online and in multiple time zones. Each week you’ll see ways to use the skills in your professional and personal life.

The authors of Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership show you how anyone - at any level of an organization - can make their work relationships and meetings more productive. Based on over two decades of experience with leaders tackling complex projects, these skills are now available to anyone willing to learn and practice them. Our instructors are located at the Agile Strategy Lab at UNA and you can learn more about Strategic Doing at

Each delivery method includes an interactive simulation where you practice the skills and have live feedback. You leave the course knowing how to use the skills with a team.

This 8-week course begins with 6 asynchronous weeks where you learn the Ten Skills for Agile Leadership followed by 4 live online session, including an extended simulation. The course includes videos, discussion forums, short quizzes, and assignments.


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