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Community Planning in Alabama: A Primer for PC and BZA Members-Home Study  

When you register for the Home Study program you will receive a copy of The Citizen’s Guide to Planning (Fourth Edition). This book contains eight chapters which have been grouped into five assignments, as follows: Assignment 1 Chapter 1: Why Plan? Chapter 2: Navigating the Planning Landscape Assignment 2 Chapter 3: The Comprehensive Plan Chapter 4: What Are We Trying to Achieve? Assignment 3 Chapter 5: Putting the Plan to Work – Implementation Assignment 4 Chapter 6: The Plan in Action – The Application Review Process Assignment 5 Chapter 7: The Law of Planning Chapter 8: Behaving Yourself – The Ethics of Planning Each of these assignments features a numbered list of quotations from the text book. For the purpose of this program, quotations are taken from Chapters 1 through 8; there are no quotations taken from the “Introduction,” or the conclusion “Being a Leader.” The quotations are listed sequentially, just as they appear in the book. Occasionally you will find two quotations from the same page. Chapters 1 through 8 of the book cover 206 pages of text. There are 134 pages from which one quotation has been selected, eleven pages with two quotations, for a total of 145 quotations. There are 61 pages from which no quotation was selected. Since 1993 when the Third Edition was published, urban planning has been subjected and responded to many changes, especially to the more difficult and critical approaches to implementation of plans. The 2009 Fourth Edition addresses these changes and covers a much wider range of topics and more complicated techniques of analyses than those discussed in the Third Edition. The current version of the book still deals with basic procedures and issues, but it also addresses the new techniques and procedures which are now a part of contemporary planning. The quotations listed in the five assignments of the course have been selected in an effort to emphasize the new material presented in the course book.


Community Planning in Alabama: A Primer for PC and BZA Members-Home Study
Item: 19FAAPI1061001 Self Paced Home Study
  This is a home study course, required to earn certification, but open to anyone with an interest in community planning, zoning, and growth management. You may begin this class at any time. It involves five (5) reading assignments from the book, "The Citizen's Guide to Planning." For those seeking certification, a series of questions on the reading assignments are answered from an open-book quiz, and the answers returned to the Alabama Planning Institute at UNA. You may retake the quizzes if you need to. All materials are covered in the registration fee.
  Fee: $139.00

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