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Learning ArcGIS Pro 3: Converting, Linking & Analyzing Data  

November 17 – December 17

**This class will not meet on November 24 or 26**

Students are required to meet with the instructor online on Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Central Standard Time.

This 16-hour class builds on the previous two courses and covers advanced data concepts. Students will learn how to convert data from various formats such as CAD or Shapefiles to Geodatabase feature classes. They will also learn how to link data using joins, relates and relationship classes. Students will then explore how to use topologies to edit and validate GIS data to ensure it is clean as well as how to create and edit 3D data. From there students explore more advanced types of spatial analysis.

Topics Covered

    1. Linking Data with Joins, Relates and Relationship Classes

    2. Validating and editing data using topologies

    3. Working with Projections & Coordinate Systems

    4. Converting data formats

    5. Working with and analyzing 3D data

    6. Performing Proximity analysis

    7. Performing Spatial Statistics and Hotspot analysis

Intended Audience

This course is intended for those needing to learn how to perform and use more advanced functions of ArcGIS Pro such as how to perform hot spot analysis, create and edit 3D data, validate spatial data using topologies and convert data formats. It is recommended that any student seeking to take this class have completed the Learning ArcGIS Pro 1 and Learning ArcGIS Pro 2 courses or have similar real-world experience.

Prerequisites and requirements

Students taking this course must have completed the Learning ArcGIS Pro 1 & ArcGIS Pro 2 courses or have similar real-world experience using ArcGIS Pro. This course does require previous experience using ArcGIS Pro.

Students will need to be assigned an ArcGIS Pro Standard license along with 3D Analyst and Spatial Analyst extensions for ArcGIS Pro from their organization prior to class which can be accessed from the web. This should be verified prior to the start of class. If you do not have access to these licenses, you can request trial licenses from Esri on their website at - or purchase an ArcGIS Personal Use license(

Course Materials:

    1. ArcGIS Pro 2.x Cookbook by Tripp Corbin, GISP (PDF copy provided. Printed copy can be purchased from Amazon or Packt Publishing)

    2. PDF copies of lecture slides

    3. UNA Certificate of Completion

Since non-credit courses are subject to cancellation if there is insufficient enrollment, do not purchase your textbook until you are notified by UNA that the course will be held.


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