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Ten Skills for Agile Leadership - Intro Module   

Start down your path to agile leadership with this introductory course. Across our organizations, our communities, and our world, we face wicked problems. These challenges emerge from a confusing, dynamic mixture of people and interactions. In this one module course, you get the first tools you need to cope with this complexity. You will explore the transition from hierarchies to networks, understand why traditional strategic planning doesn’t work to stimulate the collaborations we need, and learn why effective leadership means we must think differently, behave differently, and do our work together differently. If you are attracted to these ideas and skills and want to learn more, you can move into the full 7 week Ten Skills for Agile Leadership course. 

  • Format: online, asynchronous (learn on your own schedule) with optional discussion via Zoom
  • Prerequisite: none
  • Course length: 1 week
  • Time required: ~2-3 hours/week for all activities
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