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Institute For Learning In Retirement (ILR)   

The Institute for Learning in Retirement
What is the Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR)? The ILR is an organization of active mature men and women who seek continued intellectual and social stimulation. Members participate in short discussion groups, luncheons, social activities, and short day trips. All events are scheduled during daytime hours. The ILR is affiliated with the internationally known Road Scholar Institute Network formerly known as Elderhostel. This member led group determines all activities from course planning to social events. Most discussion groups are led by members. The core of the ILR is the discussion groups which meet for eight weeks. There are no tests, no grades, and no prerequisites. The only requirement is that you be interested in learning more! Winter classes begin in January and end in March, and the fall semester begins in September and ends in November. Occasionally, there will be a summer event planned.
What classes are held? Each semester approximately 12 discussion groups or classes are held for eight weeks in duration. They meet on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Topics have included: American or Southern History, Current Events, Great Books (requires a separate purchase of a book and outside class time reading assignments), Literature, Art, Music, Science, and Healthy Aging. Some classes are subject to space availability.
Who can join? Anyone of retirement age regardless of your educational background or work experience can join. We invite you to try us out without committing to a membership!
Instructions for attending Call UNA Center For Learning & Professional Development at 256-765-4289 to request a registration form or to be put on our mailing list. Once you get on our mailing list, you'll receive regular announcements of classes and other ILR activities. You'll join the membership when you receive the schedule of classes and registration form before each semester.
Cost to join The cost is $80 per semester.
What's included? You can participate in all of the classes, discussion groups, social events, and day trips (there may be a modest additional charge for trips) that you want. If you are interested in attending a regular credit course, there is a Senior Scholar program.
Where are the classes held? A unique environment for learning, UNA's East Campus Building is located at 1640 Tune Avenue in Florence, AL. The building offers a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for learning and social interaction. Parking is available on each side of the building.
  • ILR - Institute For Learning In Retirement Membership
  • Fee: $80.00
    Item Number: 24FAILR10001
    Dates: 9/16/2024 - 11/8/2024
    Times: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    Days: M W F
    Sessions: 24
    Building: UNA East Campus
    Room: Culinary Cafeteria
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