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CAPZO Certification  


Community Planning in Alabama: A Primer for PC and BZA Members-Home Study
Item #: 20SUAPI1061001 Instructor: 
3/3/2020 - 5/26/2020 Location:  Home Study Course Self-Paced, Room: 
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM UNA Box 5036 Florence, AL 35632
Sessions: 13 Tu Fee: $139.00
When you register for the Home Study program you will receive a copy of The Citizen’s Guide to Planning (Fourth Edition). This book contains eight chapters which have been grouped into five assignments, as follows: Assignment 1 Chapter 1: Why Plan? Chapter 2: Navigating the Planning Landscape Assignment 2 Chapter 3: The Comprehensive Plan Chapter 4: What Are We Trying to Achieve? Assignment 3 Chapter 5: Putting the Plan to Work – Implementation Assignment 4 Chapter 6: The Plan in Action – The Application Review Process Assignment 5 Chapter 7: The Law of Planning Chapter 8: Behaving Yourself – The Ethics of Planning Each of these assignments features a numbered list of quotations from the text book. For the purpose of this program, quotations are taken from Chapters 1 through 8; there are no quotations taken from the “Introduction,” or the conclusion “Being a Leader.” The quotations are listed sequentially, just as they appear in the book.

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