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Tools that Make Project Algebra Work: When You're Promised 'X' and Given 'Y'  

Project Management Central

This is a three-hour, three-PDU-earning, evening workshop, with both lecture and interactive segments. It is targeted to all project managers, especially those who have matrixed (borrowed for the project) resources who keep getting pulled away to do other non-project work. Learn how to plan, track and manage all human resources on your project. Make sure each participates as much as necessary, for the duration of the project.

What to Expect

Learn to meet the challenge of obtaining timely work and participation from your project team, especially those lent to you by other managers to work on your project. By definition, their priority is pleasing and meeting the needs of their line manager, the person who has hire/fire authority over them. As long as they have another project, task or function, the other item can eclipse your project at their 'real' manager's discretion.

Even when the company and the line manager have agreed and committed to giving you all the time you need from each matrixed resource, this can occur. Having a resource commitment on paper does not always mean you actually get that person's time and work when you need it. Lack of availability of committed resources is one of the main causes of project delays. Learn specific planning, tracking and communication tips, tools and techniques to mitigate this risk and achieve full and continual participation from all your team members.

You Will Learn

  • Recognize the crucial distinction between receiving approval for borrowed ('matrixed') human resources, and receiving full and timely participation of those resources throughout the life of your project
  • Learn how to quantify and communicate the gap between 'approved' resources and 'actual' resources
  • Learn which clear and specific symptoms tell you that your project is at risk due to resource participation shortfalls
  • See why tools such as Microsoft Project are insufficient in helping you monitor and manage resource participation
  • Understand the strategies required to receive as-required resource participation

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