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Minitab Release 16 Training  

Minitab® Statistical Software makes it easy to illustrate and interpret the results of your data analyses. Its comprehensive collection of methods and intuitive interface has made it the package of choice for thousands of companies in more than 80 countries worldwide.

A powerful statistical package is critical to the success of Six Sigma and other data-driven quality improvement programs. When you measure and analyze your processes, you gain the intelligence you need to increase your bottom line and radically transform the way you do business.

Course Outline

Introduction to Minitab - Day 1

Decrease the time required for statistical analysis by quickly learning to navigate Minitab's user-friendly and customizable environment. Learn how to import/export data output between Minitab and various software and database systems. Enhance your ability to create, manipulate, and restructure data. Develop sound statistical approaches to data analysis by learning how to create and interpret a wide variety of graphs and numerical measures useful for quality improvement initiatives. This course focuses on the utilization of these tools as they pertain to applications commonly found in business, transactional, and service industries.

Topics Covered Include: Pareto Charts, Time Series plots, Individual value plots, Bar charts, Histograms, Boxplots, Dotplots, Scatterplots, Tables, Measures of Location and Variation, ODBC.

Basic Statistics - Day 2

Augment your graphical analysis skills using Minitab’s powerful statistical tools. Develop the foundation for important statistical concepts such as hypothesis testing and confidence intervals. By analyzing a variety of real world data sets, learn how to match the appropriate statistical tool to your own applications and how to correctly interpret statistical output to reveal problems quickly with a process or to show evidence of an improvement. Learn how to explore critical features in your processes through statistical modeling tools that help to uncover and describe relationships between variables. The course emphasis is on making good business decisions through the use of statistical tools commonly used in business, transactional, and service processes.

Tools Covered Include: Tests, Proportion Tests, Tests for Equal Variance, Power and Sample Size, Correlation, Simple Linear and Multiple Regression, ANOVA

Prerequisites: Introduction to Minitab

Statistical Quality Analysis - Day 3

Develop the necessary skills to successfully evaluate and certify your measurement systems. Learn the basic fundamentals of statistical process control and how these important quality tools can provide the necessary evidence to improve and control your processes. Develop the skills to know when and where to use the various types of control charts available in Minitab. Learn how to utilize important capability analysis tools, many enhanced in Minitab Release 15, to evaluate your processes relative to internal and customer specifications. The course emphasis is placed on teaching quality tools as they pertain to business, transactional, and service industries.

Tools Covered Include: Gage R&R, Destructive Testing, Gage Linearity and Bias, Attribute Agreement, Variables and Attribute Control Charts, Capability Analysis for Normal, Non-normal and Attribute data

Prerequisites: Introduction to Minitab and Basic Statistics

Factorial Designs - Day 4

Learn to generate a variety of full and fractional factorial Designs using Minitab's intuitive DOE interface. Real-world applications demonstrate how the concepts of randomization, replication, and blocking form the basis for sound experimentation practices. Develop the skills necessary to correctly analyze resulting data to effectively and efficiently reach experimental objectives. Use Minitab's customizable and powerful graphical displays to interpret and communicate experimental results to Improve products and processes, find critical factors that impact important response variables, reduce process variation, and expedite research and development projects.

Tools and Topics Covered Include: Design of Factorial Experiments; Normal Effects Plot and Pareto of Effects; Power and Sample Size; Main Effect, Interaction, and Cube Plots; Center Points; Overlaid Contour Plots; Multiple Response Optimization

Prerequisites: Introduction to Minitab and Basic Statistics

Who Should Attend

  • All personnel involved in quality control
  • Personnel who use process improvement systems
  • Six Sigma Green Belts
  • Six Sigma Black Belts
  • Managers and supervisors

Additional Information

  • Class will be held in the computer lab
  • Course materials will be provided
  • Attendees will receive a free 7-day subscription to Quality Trainer upon successful completion of program and evaluation.


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