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Spanish - Level III   

Spanish Level 3

A continuation of Spanish Level II, this course will increase your vocabulary so you become more comfortable speaking and comprehending the Spanish language. Explore intermediate grammar, video comprehension, reading comprehension, verbal enhancement and presentations.

Required: You must have knowledge of basic Spanish grammar: articles, likes and dislikes (gustar), the verb "to be," simple present tense, present progressive (-ing), future with "ir a," past tense, reflexives and possessive adjectives.

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What students are saying: 

I will recommend this class to friends and colleagues. I will take additional courses with Senora Adriana Giles. She is excellent!

- Jack Carter,  about the Spanish - Level III

Great class! Adriana is so enthusiastic and a fun person to learn from.

- J. Espinoza,  about the Spanish - Level III

This course was more advanced than I expected as compared to lower level courses that I have taken at other institutions. No fault of the course! The variety of ways that material was introduced to learn by was very useful.

- M. Carter,  about the Spanish - Level III


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