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Digital Photography III - Take More Control of Your Images  

This course builds on the concepts taught in Levels I and II while adding new information. Highlights include:

1. All about light - types, qualities, traits, types a. white balance in greater depth 2. Getting sharp images & tripod tips 3. Sensor size & "crop factor" impact 4. Controlling where you focus 5. The "graduate course" on depth of field for dramatic photos

Plus explanation of the RAW file, lens attachments, and much more.

Note: While the teachings on how digital photography works are universally applicable to all camera types, more basic cameras may lack some of the controls needed to fully apply some of what is taught. Generally, DSLR and mirrorless types are well suited for this course. Very basic point-and-shoot cameras will be limited in applying what is learned.

Required: Please bring your camera and its manual to class.

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