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World War II: How the Imperfect Good Defeated the Near-Perfect Evil   

Twenty years after the “war to end all wars” concluded, another more cruel, more hideous, more destructive war started in Europe, and two years earlier, a similarly barbaric war erupted in Asia. Starting on opposite sides of the Earth, these wars merged into one conflagration: the Second World War. While as many as 100 million soldiers and sailors fought, twice as many civilians died than combatants because humans had now crafted death into a most savage art. The war's growing depravity demanded previously unimaginable sacrifices and weapons, and the war’s outcome was not guaranteed. Truly, the Second World War was a life-and-death struggle in which the imperfect Good defeated the near-perfect Evil. Thankfully, countless examples of compassion helped save humanity from its worst self. Yet, nearly eighty years later, some people deny the Holocaust and openly admire its perpetrators. The war's battle between Good and Evil must continue.