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Recorded Courses (Via Canvas)   

The following video programs are previously recorded OLLI courses. Learn at your own pace, on your own time and at your convenience. Over 40 hours of programming is available for a single cost of $30. After registration, you will receive an email with a “Join Code” and instructions on how to access programming.

All programming originates from OLLI at UNL.

Unmatched & Unequaled: America's Contributions to Victory in World War II (Part 1) – 6 sessions

When Americans discuss World War II, they rightfully recall how its economy, manpower, transportation, and military innovations contributed to victory.  We will examine America’s crucial innovations that Allied or Axis belligerents could not match or equal. America’s creation, development, and use of the Marine Corps’ amphibious assault, the Navy’s carrier aviation, and an introduction to U.S. Strategic bombing. If America had not developed these innovations, our world would be severely different and doubtfully for the better. Part 1 was also offered in Term 1.

Unmatched & Unequaled: America's Contributions to Victory in World War II (Part 2) – 5 sessions

In this second part of the course, we will examine the war experience of U.S. Strategic Bombing as well as the home front’s skilled manpower, powerful economy, and dynamic transportation all combined to achieve victory far sooner and with fewer lives lost. America’s investment of time, lives, and money in these innovations over several decades before the nation’s entry into the war paid the ultimate dividend: Allied victory.

A Safe Drive Through the Aging Process – 1 session

Learn how to remain behind the wheel as long as it is safely possible, how to prevent traffic crashes, how to make good decisions about when a permanent move to the passenger seat may be the best idea, and how and when to develop a Plan B for transportation alternatives.

Civil Discourse Part I – 2 sessions

One in six Americans stopped speaking to a family member or close friend after the 2016 election. Is there a way to change the trajectory of political polarization? This course highlights the story of Americans with opposing viewpoints investigating their differences and discovering the concerns and experiences that lie behind each other’s positions. This is Part 1 to the second part offered this term on Tuesdays.

History of Meteorology – 1 session

KOLN/KGIN TV meteorologist Brad Anderson shares the who, why, and what around the history of weather reporting and forecasting. When did weather broadcasting begin and how has it evolved? What has been and is the role of technology over the decades?

Nebraska Schools 101 – 1 session

Nebraska’s schools have been the topic of all kinds of competing claims in the past year. Schools 101 provides an overview of K-12 education in Nebraska. Learn details about who attends the schools (students); who works in the schools (teachers, staff, administrators); who pays for the schools (funding); and what guides the schools (curriculum).

Solar @ Scale – 1 session

Get ready for a deep dive into how local government policies and actions affect community-scale solar development outcomes. This presentation considers the systems thinking approach needed for local governments to transition to green electricity generation. This presentation will explain “net zero” and efforts by Nebraska public utilities, especially Lincoln Electric System, to achieve it. Understand the efforts in the Nebraska legislature to impede the move toward green electricity and reduce public input in how public utilities are run.

Nebraska Public Media – 4 sessions

Nebraska Public Media has been connecting Nebraskans for nearly 70 years. Ron Hull and Rod Bates share adventures of the founding years and growth in following decades as digitization enabled the state’s TV and radio network to reach farther and deeper. Hear on-air personalities from some of NPM’s best-known shows like “Backyard Farmer” and “Big Red Wrap-Up” and the people working the news side. Find out how NPM played a role in bringing OLLI to UNL.

Drinking Water in Nebraska – 1 session

Learn about your source water, the potential contaminants monitored in public water and what you should be looking for in private water. A discussion on unregulated contaminants and a case study of a recent outbreak will be highlighted.

Is It Really Just Taxes? Why Are People Leaving Nebraska? – 1 session

Josie Schafer, director of the Center for Public Affairs Research at UNO tells us about factors other than just taxes that affect people’s decisions to live, work, and play in Nebraska, including job opportunities, wages, and quality of life.

The Home Option – 1 session

About 96% of older folks wish to remain in their own homes. Learn how and why being home often contributes to decreased risk and increased well-being. Learn what it takes to remain at home, how to maximize safety, and how and when to get the right help in the home. Get a sense of the economics of staying home, and how to help the home option become a decision that family and friends support.

This Is CNN! – 1 session

 Exeter, Nebraska native and UNL College of Journalism graduate Jeff Zeleny is CNN’s Chief National Affairs Correspondent. He has practiced journalism at the Chicago Tribune, the New York Times, ABC News, and now, CNN. He has covered the past four presidents and the past five presidential campaigns. Jeff discusses the issues he is currently covering, his observations about the political situation in the U.S. today, and answers questions posed to him.

Why Are We So Politically Divided? – 4 sessions

The Presidency of Donald Trump ushered in a seemingly unprecedented level of polarization and acrimony. This intensity may not be a coincidence as the differing preferences of Trump’s supporters and Trump’s opponents reflect a timeless, foundational societal division. By paying particular attention to the issue objectives distinguishing Trump’s strongest supporters from those who are not his strongest supporters—especially those who are not his strongest supporters but still label themselves ideologically conservative, UNL Foundation Regents Professor, Dr. John Hibbing, explores the reasons for the current, somewhat dismal, state of politics and democracy. Whatever your own political beliefs, it is valuable to understand the motivations of those who disagree with you.

  • Recorded Courses (Via Canvas)
  • Fee: $30.00
    Course Number: CAN0011
    Dates: 10/30/2023 - 12/15/2023
    Instructor: Various Instructors
    Seats Left: 9937
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    On the first day of the term or upon registration, you will receive an email with a “Join Code” and instructions on how to access programming.

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