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Atlas Missiles, Nebraska, and the Cold War   

The atomic bomb exploding over Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, changed the world forever. Little did Nebraskans realize the impact the birth of the Cold War would have on Southeastern Nebraska. Before 1960 this area of the state would become home to a major nuclear deterrent force consisting of newly developed missiles and aircraft. Explore the rapid development and deployment of nuclear bomb delivery systems after WWII and how Nebraska became a focal point for weapon deployment. Two Air Force bases in proximity would manage Atlas missile silos in the region. The Atlas missile in several versions would deploy, be ready to launch for a few years, and then be dismantled by the mid- 1960s. Today, weapon system development is measured in decades. In the 1950s, development was measured in years. This is a fascinating and largely untold story about the “duck and cover” years in Nebraska.


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