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Government Performance Consortium Spring Forum More Human By Design   

When we design from the perspective of the people we serve, we come up with radically sensible ways of communicating with our customers and citizens. Human-centered design, or design thinking, offers us profoundly simple and effective ways to create more positive effects from each interaction with our customers and transform citizens’ experience of government.

How much faster or better can the people we serve do what they need to do in order to comply with government regulations or receive government services? What is possible if we can do our own jobs faster and better and experience greater potency in our role as public servants? What costs might we all avoid because people don’t have to wait for help or delay taking action? And how does this affect how people feel about government?

Meet the inspiring leaders at the vanguard of applying design thinking in public sector programs. Our interactive workshop will bring out your inner innovator and help your customers and citizens respond in ways that can measurably improve your program results!


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